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Sell my house fast in Georgia 
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 These personal referrals and testimonials are only a few of many that show we do what we say:

You guys really work quick. I can now give my brother's kids and wife some money they would have never seen. Your honest help and simple approach saved me a lot of hassle. Bless you.   Herman in Ga on an estate in Ga.
Thank you for your help. We were able to get $60,000 more for our mom’s house than we thought with what you showed us. I am so thankful that we waited and took your free advice.           Cindy in Ga  

You did just what you said. You paid what I asked for the house. You did it without stressing us out. You even helped us move. We were out in days with no MORE MORTGAGE PAYMENTS!! THANKS    AO        John and Nancy Weeks

You saved my credit and me. I needed to sell my house but could not with a realtor and all the fees. You helped me and I got what I needed ---out of a big payment.   Thank you for buying my house and saving me.  And I found a home on to move into.                           Kristina W.

In this market we couldn't sell the house. We were tired of renting it and fixing it up. You are such a blessing and did what you said quickly. Thanks for buying our house and getting us out of that payment.     Dexter and Natasha G. and Family

We have many testimonials from home sellers thanking us at A O Home Solutions for Buying or helping them sell the house.  Vickie Patterson just sent us this referral >> Thank you A O Home Solutions for helping me sell my house on a Lease Purchase Quickly. I had to move in just days and you guys got it done without a problem. No more Mortgage payments or electric bills. I do not know how I would have held onto the house without your service.
I got full price and full service. Even after I moved out of state you handled everything. You took the stress off of me. I appreciate it!

We just received this reference from a Lady we paid cash for her house just recently... A O Home Solutions is a very dedicated and professional company. They were able to offer the best deal for my home and handled all the details in an organized and professional manner.  Kenya Laster

Sell Your House to Us at 

Our family has been in the Real Estate business for over a decade buying houses in the local market and helping to put Sellers and Buyers of all types of homes together. Our Business A O Home Solutions has been serving the Metro Atlanta area since 2003. We buy a lot of houses in Georgia. My name is Mark Neighbor, but many call me GrandDad. I am just one person in this family of home buying Investors and Real Estate Problem Solvers. 

We also love helping people and families find good, safe places to live. Our motivation hasn't changed, but the way we help people and families has changed. Many home owners and home sellers in our current economy feel trapped. Many home owners cannot sell their homes, and just as many families cannot find a home loan or financing that works for them. We buy houses and take the stress off the home seller, and then we help individuals and families needing houses to buy them from us or directly from you.

Many of us have felt the pressure of trying to sell a home when the value has dropped and there are no buyers for months. Many buyers right now feel lost and cannot find a way to become a home owner. We have seen painful situations. Once, we could not find a house for our family at the terms we wanted. We decided to help sellers who had situations where they felt trapped and did not want to lose money with a home sale. We helped one family, then two, then three, and finally started helping others sell and buy houses full time. Long time residents of Georgia, we believe this is the best place to live, work, and raise a family.

Many call me GrandDad, but that is just a Nickname.

Our Group of professional house buyers love buying houses. We have been investing and providing home solutions  in the Georgia economy and housing market for years. We are here to stay, and we buy and sell Georgia houses constantly.

For years we have invested in various markets, but nothing gives me or our team more satisfaction than helping people get rid of a mortgage they no longer want quickly.  We enjoy seeing the smiling faces on those who now have their Ideal Georgia Home Dream come true. We want to help as many house sellers through this tough economy with as little pain as possible.  Pam and I have bought properties in most types of conditions, from “fixer uppers” to new homes. We are not high pressure, and we don’t like a lot of stress or paperwork. We will make you the best offer or offers we can to buy your house the first time Pam or I meet you.  If you like the offer and accept it (many do), then your troubles are behind you! If not, that is OK too, we just want to offer you one or more home solutions to sell your house with no stress and no headaches. 

What Does GrandDadBuysHouses Buy?

We are primarily interested in buying single family houses in the Metro Atlanta area. We will buy pretty houses or fixer-uppers. Normally I will complete repairs, cosmetic or otherwise, and re-market the property within six months to a year.  Do not feel you cannot sell your home, even if you are upside down with the mortgage company. We have many creative solutions to buy and move your house. We have many glowing reviews throughout our website. Some sellers have sold us multiple houses. Our services cost you, the house seller, nothing. We do not charge you a commission. We just buy houses.

If you want the very top dollar for your property and are willing to put up with the hassle, the new regulations, and uncertainty of traditional marketing, waiting for months or years, cutting the grass and paying the ever increasing electric bill, then check everyone else first. We are probably your answer when you want to sell quickly and hassle free.

If the certainty of a guaranteed sale, and the flexibility we offer are important to you, then we should be able to work together. I will come see you at your convenience.

If we can agree to price and terms, there should be no obstacles to prevent us from buying your home. Most of our purchases require no new outside or bank financing. Therefore, the sale is not dependent upon appraisals or buyer qualifications. You will not have to wait and stress for months when we buy your house. Sell Your House Today in Georgia to GrandDad
More Important Benefits

Who else is going to make you an offer today ? We can and will make you an offer to buy your house today. There is nothing to lose except the mortgage.


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Sell a house fast for cash in Georgia. We buy houses. Contact us Today at 770-480-0209 Grand Dads Distinctions Include: Being a Member of GAREIA, National Association of Independent Landlords, NAREIA, Ronald Reagan Gold Medal Winner, Business Man of the Year, Certified Probate Specialist, International Who's Who of Professionals, Business Advisory Council Member, ACBSP (Buying and Selling Professional)  

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